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The MVK Awesome Kicks /Self-Defense Camp is open for registration. It’s going to be December 21st and 22nd from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm .
We will cover all the exciting advanced kicks the first day of camp.We will practice high energy partner drills for jump ,spinning, low, high and reverse kicks. And yes....we’ll also be breaking boards
Second day, we’ll learn important safety drills and self-defense techniques.We’ll all have a great time! Master Nick will attempt to break 8 river rocks at the end of camp !! 129 dollars
This is a great time to consider our Holiday Season Special for new students only. Try us for $99 , six weeks, includes uniform.Great Gift Idea!
Contact Us at nkoclanis@gmail.com
or Visit Us at
8445 E. McDonald Dr. Scottsdale, Az 85250
Phone: 480-905-9404



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